18 August 2012

Wooden Flooring In Bathrooms

Today, the best bathrooms offer a luxurious, relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Well designed bathrooms are a natural sanctuary where we can retreat from the hurly burly of modern life and pamper ourselves in beautiful surroundings.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this bathroom nirvana is to use natural wood flooring to complement other popular materials such as porcelain wall tiles. While the thought of timber flooring in bathrooms undoubtedly appeals to many, until recently bathrooms have been a no-go area for hardwood floors. Problems associated with excessive moisture are well documented; humidity in the air, along with puddles of water left on the floor and temperature fluctuations create a tough environment for wood flooring.

Thankfully it's now possible to safely use wooden flooring in bathrooms. A common misconception is that a lacquered wood floor offers the best protection from moisture - however this finish seals the wood surface so that any moisture that finds its way into the wood from between the planks, cannot escape.

Vienna Woods can provide a solution to this problem with special oiled finishes that allow the pores of the wood to breathe, so the wood can soak up moisture and then release the moisture back into the atmosphere as the wood dries out. This is a natural attribute of wood that is prevented from occurring when the wood is sealed with lacquer.

So with Vienna Woods you can now use wooden flooring in bathrooms without hesitation! Wooden flooring should always be glued down in bathrooms. Contact us for full bathroom specifications.

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