Esta Parket

Affordable European Oak
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ESTA PARKET is the brand name for engineered wood flooring manufactured by TECHNOMAR & ADREM LTD, a family owned private company founded in 1991. At least 95% of their products are produced for customers in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Making use of the latest technological advancements enables the company to manufacture a very high quality product at a competitive price.

Results of tests made by independent laboratories show that the quality of ESTA PARKET, is the same or at a higher level compared to other premium European wood flooring producers, particularly in the quality of the finished surface.

- All stages in parquet production starting from drying and cutting of wood are carried out in their factory. TQM (Total Quality Management) strategy has been implemented in all processes to ensure the best quality

- High durability due to use of unique Anti-Scratch Technology.

- More scratch/wear resistant than competitors

- One of the lowest VOC emissions makes it suitable even for people with allergies

- Strong licensed Uniclic locking system ensures no deformation when the wood adjusts to climate changes.

- Perfect geometry ensures no gaps between the boards and perfectly smooth surface of the floor. Top lamella layers are cut with the highest precision possible on the most modern machines.



ESTA Parket Collection

Afforable European Quality

Baltic Wood

Affordable European Wood
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Baltic Wood is a multi-award winning European producer of 3-ply engineered wood flooring. The modern production plant and headquarters are located in Poland. Baltic Wood flooring reaches customers via a network of professional partners in 44 countries.


Our Baltic LOC installation system, requires no glue or special tools. The CONNECTPERFECT™ system makes for a perfectly even surface, without any visible or tangible seams between the boards. Our Baltic LOC installation system requires no glue or special tools.


Baltic Wood offers a rich collection of wood floors in the most fashionable and perfect form. Considered synonymous with modernity, perfection, flexibility, eco-responsibility, refinement and the highest standards of production and quality control, the company subordinates all the company’s processes to these six major pillars. This synergy ensures the creation of perfect floors.


We use the most modern technology to create our unique collections of wood floors. We operate in line with world management standards at every stage of production. We have all the crucial certificates, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which confirm that quality and environmental management systems have been implemented in our factories.

We are entitled to a Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM, which confirms the fully responsible usage of natural resources by our company. Our products are also marked with FSCR, REAL WOOD and CE marks. They also have the M1 certificate ensuring that the product meets the highest standards for emission of harmful chemical substances in use in Nordic countries.


Our concern for refined aesthetics and perfection of the product in every detail has been awarded in prestigious contests conducted by independent institutions and magazines. Baltic Wood has received a range of awards, including:

  • Quality of the Year 2011 and Silver Quality of the Year 
  • Highest Quality International 2010, 2011 & 2012
  • Eco Quality of the Year 2010
  • Home Friendly Product 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Consumer’s Eco-Laurel 2009
  • Machina Design Awards 2009

ESTA Parket Collection

Afforable European Quality

30 years


Premium Wide Plank Floors
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Premium wide plank floors from austria

Admonter of Austria make wooden floors that represent the absolute peak in wood craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design, setting the reference-point for wide plank floors worldwide.

What makes an Admonter wide plank floor so special is their ability to bring out the natural beauty and character of wood grain, like no other.

Rich in tradition

Admonter is a subsidiary company of the Benedictine monastery of Admont. Wood has been processed around the monastery for over 900 years; this rich tradition of wood craftsmanship is evident in every single Admonter flooring plank.

A singular attention to quality means that only 2% of a tree is suitable to be made into an Admonter. Each floor undergoes countless quality checks at each phase of production and is made exclusively in Austria using state of the art production facilities.


ESTA Parket Collection

Afforable European Quality

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