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Affordable European Oak
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ESTA PARKET is the brand name for engineered wood flooring manufactured by TECHNOMAR & ADREM LTD, a family owned private company founded in 1991. At least 95% of their products are produced for customers in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Making use of the latest technological advancements enables the company to manufacture a very high quality product at a competitive price.

Results of tests made by independent laboratories show that the quality of ESTA PARKET, is the same or at a higher level compared to other premium European wood flooring producers, particularly in the quality of the finished surface.

- All stages in parquet production starting from drying and cutting of wood are carried out in their factory. TQM (Total Quality Management) strategy has been implemented in all processes to ensure the best quality

- High durability due to use of unique Anti-Scratch Technology.

- More scratch/wear resistant than competitors

- One of the lowest VOC emissions makes it suitable even for people with allergies

- Strong licensed Uniclic locking system ensures no deformation when the wood adjusts to climate changes.

- Perfect geometry ensures no gaps between the boards and perfectly smooth surface of the floor. Top lamella layers are cut with the highest precision possible on the most modern machines.



ESTA Parket Collection

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