Care Guide

Residential Care Guide

General Maintenance Tips:

Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft broom or vacuuming with a soft attachment on a regular basis. Oiled floors should be mopped every 2-4 weeks using special wood flooring soap. Walking on a dirty floor is a quick way to damage a finish – the dirt and grit acts like sandpaper under your feet.
Use door mats to stop dirt and grit from coming in. Mats should be placed at all exterior doors. 
Floor protector pads (soft felt pads) should be attached to the bottom of chair and table legs to prevent scratching the surface of the floor. 
Stiletto Heels may damage a hardwood floor, no matter what its hardness rating; especially if the heel tips are metal.
Water can also damage your floor, so be careful to mop up any spills immediately. Raise any pot plants onto stands so that air can circulate under the container and so that water spills can be seen.

Routine Cleaning for Polyurethane Finishes

Use a specialist wood floor cleaner such as Blanchon Lagoon, or Admonter Clean & Care. Do not use oil, wax or soap on a polyurethane finish. Ensure instructions for the floor cleaner are followed making sure that the mop is lightly damp (most of the water should be wrung out) - too much water can ruin your floor over time.

Long term maintenance for Polyurethane finishes:

Polyurethane finishes will eventually show signs of wear due to scratching. When the finish looks dull or scratched it is time to re-coat the floor – it is very important to do this before the heavy wear areas are worn through to the wood. If the wood becomes dirty where the finish has been completely worn through then there is no option but to sand all the finish off the floor and start from scratch. Normally, however, all you will need to do is to give the floor a light sand (known as ‘screening’) and then apply a coat of the same finish as used originally (or a compatible one). Ensure that only approved cleaners have been used on the floor (that doesn't contain waxes or oils) so that the new coat of finish will bond properly.

Routine Cleaning for Oiled Finishes (UV oil/Natural oil/Hardwax oil)

Oiled wood floors need to be cleaned with a special soap, which cleans and adds protective oils to your floor at the same time. The more you clean your floor, the more your floor will be protected against wear and tear, and the better it will look.

Important: Do not use any other type of cleaner for an oiled wood floor. Use Blanchon Natural Soap White for light coloured or white coloured floors, or Blanchon Natural Soap Colourless for natural or dark coloured floors. For Admonter flooring use Admonter Clean & Care to mop your floors every 1-3 weeks.

Apply Blanchon Soap every 1-3 weeks for residential applications:

Wipe with a damp mop in the direction of the wood grain using diluted Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floors (100 ml to 5 litres of water).

For Admonter natural flooring use Admonter Clean & Care to mop your floors every 1-3 weeks.

Wipe with a damp mop in the direction of the wood grain using diluted Admonter Clean & Care (100 ml to 5 litres of warm water). 

Work on one area at a time, use two buckets - one with the soap mixture and one with clean water so you can rinse the dirty mop regularly. When applying the soap mixture to the floor, the mop should always be well wrung out to avoid getting the wood floor too wet.

Annual Maintenance for Oiled Finishes

  • Simple and economical, regular maintenance allows fast treatment of the wood in order to renew the protective layer of oil and keep the wooden floor looking warm and natural.  
  • After ensuring the oiled wood floor is clean and dust-free, spray on Blanchon Maintenance Oil (using a hand sprayer) and wipe with a clean, dry cotton cloth or micro-fibre mop to obtain a matt finish.
  • Blanchon Maintenance Oil is available in 3 finishes: Natural for light coloured or non stained wood, White for white-oiled wood floors (or light grey), and Oak for tropical woods or dark stained oiled wood floors.
  • For Admonter Natural Wood Flooring, apply maintenance oil using cotton cloth for small areas, or a buffing machine with white pad in larger areas.
  • Full use of the area: Blanchon; 4 to 6 hours after application. Admonter; 24 hours after application.
  • Admonter: protect wooden floors from dirt for 2-7 days; walk on the floor using slippers during this time. Do not clean the floors for 8-10 days, thus allowing the surface to fully harden completely.
  • How often?: When the oiled timber floor starts losing its beautiful finish, for Blanchon finishes generally once or twice a year in residential applications. For Admonter every 12-36 months in residential sites.
  • Coverage: Blanchon 25 – 35m2 per litre. Admonter 70-100m2 per litre.
  • The more maintenance Oil is used, the easier cleaning and maintenance becomes. Properly maintained Natural oiled or Hardwax oiled timber flooring looks better and better over time.