Flooring Trends

Furniture For Your Floors

New Zealand is closely following European trends, where flooring has become the third pillar in interior design - along with kitchens and bathrooms, of a beautifully designed home. Attitudes towards flooring in Europe have evolved as more consumers realise the defining impact flooring has on the atmosphere of the entire house.

As the floor takes up more space than any other interior feature, it stands to reason that stylish flooring will have the most impact in transforming your home. If your flooring appears sophisticated and beautiful, then your home will exude this feeling too. If your flooring feels peaceful and natural, then so will your living environment.

Natural wood flooring is now seen as ‘furniture for your floors’ or 'fashion for your floors', particularly with the large range of colour tones and surface treatments available; such as wood aging techniques, sculpted surfaces that massage your feet, and thermo-heat coloured floors. 

Natural wood flooring brings the outdoors inside, adding warmth, beauty and quality to your life.

Colour Trends

For several years now grey coloured flooring has been very popular with interior designers. This is because grey coloured wood or laminate flooring provides a sophisticated, modern atmosphere as well as being very easy to match with other colour palettes used throughout the interior.

Light to medium colour tones are now more in demand than darker colours; however darker thermo-treated floors still appeal to many.

Natural finishes that accentuate the natural beauty of wood grain are very much in demand - you won't find any 'plastic -looking' finishes that are so prevalent elsewhere, at Vienna Woods. Very natural, almost raw looking wood featuring surface texture options such as linear, or cross brushing is incredibly popular. 

Rustic, knotty grades are very much in demand; although the elegant look of a knotless floor will always have its place.

The Trend For Wider Planks

Wider planks have become very popular as architects and designers have noted that wide planks transform an interior by adding significant beauty, an exclusive high-end atmosphere and a ‘wow-factor’ that narrow planks simply can’t emulate. Wider planks have the added advantage of making an interior space appear larger. 

Find out more about wide planks here.

Embrace Knots

Very high in demand in Europe is rustic wood flooring with its visible knots and a rougher look. Visible sapwood, heavy knots, and interesting graining provide a natural look and add an authentic feeling to your interior. Rustic floors are a perfect example of the fact that knots are not a defect, but add the kind of warmth and natural beauty to your home that you will not find in other styles of flooring. 

Natural Oil & Hardwax Oil finishes

Polyurethane finishes are losing their popularity, while wood surfaces treated as naturally as possible (while giving superior durability) are fast gaining in popularity. Already in Europe some markets have converted almost completely to oiled finishes. This is because Natural Oiled and Hardwax Oiled finishes are better in many ways; they bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain, are more scratch-resistant and durable, and develop a beautiful patina that looks better and better with age. Most oiled floors can be spot repaired by the home owner; meaning you’ll never need to sand and refinish the entire floor. Our special natural oil finishes also allow our wooden floors to be used safely in bathrooms. Find out more about oiled finishes here

Thermo-Treated Floors

Thermo-treating wood is a way of colouring wood throughout using heat and time, without the use of chemicals and dyes, to obtain rich medium or darker colour tones. Thermo-treating wood removes the need for dark tropical wood species.

Find out more here.

Micro- Bevel

A bevelled edge gives your floor a European appearance, emphasising the width of the plank and the beauty of the wood grain. The alternative is called a square edge or square shoulder, where the plank joins are less visible, which is still popular with many. 

Many customers ask us if dirt gets stuck in the bevelled-edge. The answer to this is absolutely not, bevelled-edged flooring is just as easy to clean as square-edged flooring - the key is to use only a small amount of water during cleaning. A well-wrung mop is ideal.

The Rise of Laminate

With challenging economic conditions affordable laminate flooring has experienced a surge in popularity. High-quality European manufactured laminate flooring is more natural-looking and beautiful than ever, and is offered in a huge range of exciting new designs and colours. BerryAlloc European laminate comes with a life-time warranty.