Wide Planks

Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank wood floors, without any doubt, add significant beauty and atmosphere to any room. The wider the plank, the greater the sense of exclusivity and grandeur; if you've ever seen a true wide plank floor you will remember it. Wide plank floors are loved by interior designers not only for their beautiful appearance, but for their ability to enlarge any interior space.

While the extra width is particularly attractive, there is a lot going on beneath the surface with wood; the wider the plank is, the more it can expand and contract, potentially causing problems after installation. It's vital that wide plank wood floors are engineered to an exceptional standard, so they perform well in difficult environments, such as with floor heating or in humid or dry climates. These environments can cause wood floors of inferior quality to move excessively and to twist and warp over time. Few engineered wood flooring manufacturers have the experience and knowledge required to manufacture very wide planks to a high enough standard. Admonter's rich experience and knowledge in this area enables them to craft wide planks up to 325mm wide; utilising superior craftsmanship and technical quality. Admonter's 3-layer plank construction is unique and offered in the following options:

Admonter Engineered Plank - Perfectly Balanced

An evolution of the engineered plank structure is offered by Admonter; a 3-layer engineered plank consisting of upper and lower layers of the same thickness (other manufacturers use a much thinner layer of wood on the lower layer than on the upper layer). Admonter's plank construction with upper and lower layers of the same dimensions ensures exceptional balance and stability. The integrity of this symmetrical structure cannot be beaten and means an Admonter wide plank floor will not twist, cup or warp, even when used with floor heating.

Upper + Lower Layers of Same Species

3-layer engineered plank construction with both upper and lower layers of identical species and dimensions (as opposed to the usual 3-layer plank that uses different wood species on the upper and lower layer, of different thicknesses). This construction creates a perfectly symmetrical plank as the stability rating of the identical species used on these two layers is the same, ensuring the inherent forces of wood are tamed. This structure is optional in the Classic Hardwoods range.


Admonter's Mocca range is coloured using an advanced thermo-treatment which not only colours the wood throughout without chemicals or dyes, it increases plank stability by over 50%, so the floor will expand and contract less. Thermo-treated floors are beautiful, very stable and healthy.