Admonter FLOORs Eiche Lapis  Ausstellung 47
Admonter FLOORs Eiche Lapis  Ausstellung 47


Since 1874

The Benedictine Abbey of Admont was founded almost 1000 years ago in the stunning alpine region of Styria, Austria. Wood has been milled at the Admont site since 1874. While it was originally the monks who guarded the knowledge of the wood, today it is Admonter's 300 employees who take care of 100% of production in Admont, so that this fine tradition lives on.

Admonter is now recognised as one of Europe's most renowned natural wood flooring manufacturers; offering the absolute peak in wood craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design.

The Admonter brand has evolved over time to offer multi dimensional interior solutions; engineered wood floors, wall panels and cladding, acoustic panels, doors and stair treads. 

Admonter natural wood flooring and elements are formaldehyde-free, originate from sustainably managed forests and come with a 30 year warranty.

Unsurpassed Stability v2

Board Construction

Unsurpassed Stability

With Admonter natural wood flooring a unique 3-layer timber construction prevents the natural warping of the wood. Top and bottom layer of equal thickness (both 3.6 mm) keeps any forces acting on the floor in check. This system is based on the smart principle of tension and counter-tension.

This superior floorboard construction means you can specify Admonter natural wood flooring with confidence for use in difficult environments; such as in humid or dry climates, or with under floor heating.

Hardwood Range

Admonter hardwood flooring, features design quality and natural charm.

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