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Case Study 20.08.2019

Smoked Oak For Nordic Inspired New Build

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Admonter Oak Lapis

This stunning Scandinavian inspired MCooper Architect designed home on Auckland's North Shore features Admonter oak lapis engineered wood flooring.

Interior designers Yellowfox chose a sophisticated, moody theme for the interior with dark kitchen cabinetry and black ECC light fittings to complement the lightly smoked flooring. High-end staging from Exhibit One completes the design-focused interior.

The developer and designer chose Admonter oak lapis as they wanted a beautiful premium quality floor to help realise the inspiring atmosphere they were aiming for. The is the perfect example of how oak lapis complements a modern interior, however this flooring works equally well in historic villas and bungalows, loft spaces, apartments, retail and offices. 

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