X-Protect Eggshell Oak 9mm AC4 Water-Resistant Laminate - 30% OFF

Krono Original® laminate flooring with Xprotect 24, now offers a much better protection against water penetration. The innovative protective double layer, combined with rounded joints, ensures flooring can now withstand liquids for up to 24 hours. Now, the rounded joints are introduced during flooring production, rather than the traditional way during milling, which makes it much more difficult for liquids to penetrate. These changes ensure the flooring is even better equipped at dealing with the everyday mishaps of modern life, and in turn, will give you complete peace of mind over spilled liquids, wet shoes or naughty pets.

Made in Germany
Water resistant up to 24 hours
Stain & imprint resistant
Micro-scratch protect
A.B.C Anti-bacterial coating
Authentic embossed

Wear Class: AC4 heavy domestic/normal commercial use.
Profile: Twin click
Edge Type: Pressed bevel
Width: 192mm
Length: 1285mm 
Thickness: 9mm
Installation: Floating
Warranty: 30 years residential

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