Vienna Woods Grand Oak – Bringing a small taste of Lithuania to New Zealand 

Vienna Woods customer Sigita Kupača from Sigita Design shares her inspiration behind her renovations of her New Zealand home and the sentimental reason behind her choosing Vienna Woods Grand Oak for her flooring. 

Why did you choose this Vienna Woods flooring? 

I am from Latvia, a small country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. In Latvia we have a lot of dense, rich forests. I chose the Grand Oak Vienna Woods flooring because it is sourced from Lithuanian oak, the same oak I grew up surrounded by. This hard-wearing wood was also used on my school floors, which I would polish during the school holidays when I was a child, so it is very sentimental to me. I wanted to bring a taste of my childhood to my home in New Zealand. 

What was your inspiration when designing your home? 

I knew I wanted to create a home that would suit our everyday life – it needed to fit in with us, not the other way around. 

I am not a fan of having to take my shoes off just because I am in the house, I wanted both myself and my guests to be able to walk around in my home in heels or boots without concern. The Grand Oak is a very durable product so allows for this daily treatment without any damage. The extreme cold winters in Eastern Europe slows the growth of the oak to produce a very hard, dense wood. As a result, the oak’s extreme hardness provides a very durable floor that is easy to live with. 

What was the overall look and feel you were trying to achieve?

I wanted to incorporate a contemporary flair into the design of my home, with the deliberate use of texture and big open spaces, with plenty of room to move and breathe within them. I was trying to achieve a look of simplicity and subtle sophistication. I wanted lots of clean, architectural lines, with natural accents and  splashes of colour to help evoke a warmth and welcoming environment.  The beautiful hardwood flooring, is in a way the hero of our home, so the colours I have used throughout the house along with the interior design have all been carefully chosen to complement the neutral tones of the Vienna Woods Grand Oak floorboards. 

Herringbone – A Family Home with Soul

Vienna Woods customer Sophie Heyworth shares her inspiration behind the design of her home and the reasons why they went with Vienna Woods Flamingo in a Herringbone flooring pattern.

Why did you choose this Vienna Woods flooring?

Vienna Woods was our first port of call having seen their flooring in a number of homes we liked. The idea of a herringbone floor was something we didn’t realise was possible until we saw a beautiful example installed by one of VW’s craftsman installers – we were immediately hooked. We wanted to use timber with plenty of grain and texture, laid as individual pieces – something that would feel amazing and tactile under bare feet. Flooring is arguably one of the most important decisions in a house and has a huge impact on the aesthetics and feel of a space, so we thought it was worth investing in.

What was your inspiration when designing your home?

We wanted to create a home with soul – to us that meant warmth, natural materials and a sense of craft. It’s not a big home by today’s standards and is a renovated ‘modernist’ style architectural home from the 70’s. It had nice proportions, large windows and novel details – some which work and some which don’t! We were inspired by the architect’s original drawings and details, many of which were never implemented. So we essentially went back to the materials and detailing which were originally drawn by the original architect and then improved on by our builder, landscaper and kitchen designer.

What was the overall look and feel you were trying to achieve?

For us, the house is predominantly intimate and personal, yet able to open out on both sides in summer to create a pavilion-style area for larger numbers of friends and family. In that sense it makes a great summer house which is cool, breezy and very much indoor-outdoor, whereas in winter it is closed in to create a cozy, warm place to hibernate. Ultimately the house needs to function as a busy family home, so it has to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The floor is testament to this – we don’t have to be too precious about it and it still looks great. As with all natural materials, it gets better with age!

Raftwood Collection – Flooring with a History

The Vienna Woods Raftwood collection is truly something special because it is a beautiful wooden floor with history. Made from reclaimed Dutch railway sleeper oak, Raftwood is a robust wooden floor with graceful, natural grain. Thanks to the wooden contours that these sleepers produce, not one Raftwood plank is the same. Each features a distinct individualised look that tells a unique story of a time before.

Its unique texture brings a special atmosphere and character to any interior style – from modern and industrial to rural. Its rugged, natural appearance creates rustic yet warm spaces for people to enjoy.

When choosing Raftwood, you are choosing a sustainable and responsible wood, but that doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing quality. The flooring is protected and fortified with a natural oil finish that helps hold the integrity of the wood for years to come.

View the full Raftwood range here

Park Hyatt – American Walnut Flooring

Before its opening, the Park Hyatt approached Vienna Woods because it required trusted flooring experts who would deliver an exceptional product.

As a result, Auckland’s newest waterfront luxury hotel, now features Vienna Woods’ American Walnut flooring in key areas throughout the entire building including the impressive Presidential Suite and Captain’s Bar.

Walnut’s refined tone compliments the Park Hyatt’s modern, minimalistic aesthetic which in turn creates warm and welcoming spaces for guests to enjoy. This hardwood flooring helps bring the concept of ‘natural luxury’ to life, with its superior craftmanship, quality and design.

Inspired by New Zealand’s history, the Park Hyatt incorporates nods to Maori culture. The interiors all feature heritage details like custom-made tukutuku screens, traditional Maori artwork and textiles made from local wood. It was therefore imperative that all design elements subtly enhanced this rich heritage without compromising on quality.

American Walnut’s natural appearance and durability does just this. It not only helps elevate the space, but it will stand the test of time and look good doing it

Grand Oak Onyx – Eastern Bays Luxury Home

Grand Oak Onyx in extra wide 250mm boards and is featured throughout this Hulena Architects designed home in Auckland’s Eastern Bays.

The substantial property offers unparalleled luxury and is a demonstration in sustainable living.

Anchored by the designer kitchen and Grand Oak Onyx floorboards in generous 2400mm lengths, the main living area flows seamlessly to the heated pool and lawn area.