Herringbone Wood Floor for Heritage Apartment

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In the heart of Auckland’s vibrant High Street, a heritage apartment sought a flooring solution that would honor its classic authenticity while meeting modern durability standards. The challenge was to blend timeless aesthetics with practicality, catering to both the apartment’s historical charm and its contemporary living requirements.

Spacious Open Plan Kitchen with European wood flooring

Technical Details

The flooring chosen for this project is in the Whisky Sour colour, a part of our Vienna Woods Distilled Collection. Whisky Sour adds a touch of elegance and history to the home. Lithuanian oak is renowned for its durability and density, a result of the slow growth caused by the region’s average temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. This slow growth process allows the timber to develop a dense, solid structure with unique and intriguing colouring and grain profiles.

Light filled room wit stunning timber flooring

Design and Aesthetic

The design of the home is a perfect blend of modern and classic styles, with the herringbone parquet flooring adding a touch of timeless elegance. The client desired a flooring option that could withstand the rigors of daily life while complementing the apartment’s high ceilings. It was crucial to preserve the space’s historical integrity while enhancing its visual appeal with a luxurious finish.

views from auckland home showcasing natural oak timber flooring

Fun Fact: The Whisky Sour Cocktail

Like so many spirits and cocktails, we can thank sailors for this delicious cocktail. The Whisky Sour was a perfect combination of citrus, to combat scurvy, and whisky to quench the sailor’s thirst. This cocktail embodies sophistication and a rich history, much like our Whisky Sour-coloured oak flooring.

open plan Auckland home with European oak hardwood flooring

The installation of the timber flooring not only revitalized the apartment’s interior but also exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of aesthetics and performance. The lacquer finish provided a resilient surface that required minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting beauty without compromising on functionality.

open plan spacious kitchen lifted by oak wood floors

This project in Auckland’s High Street is a testament to the elegance and durability of our high-grade Lithuanian oak flooring. The herringbone parquet style adds a classic touch to the modern design of the apartment, creating a space that is both timeless and contemporary. The Whisky Sour colour enhances the home’s bright and airy feel, making it a truly inviting and stylish space.

For those looking to elevate their home with high-quality timber flooring in Auckland, Vienna Woods offers a range of options that combine sustainability, durability, and exceptional beauty. Our Distilled Collection oak flooring is a perfect choice for creating a stunning, long-lasting foundation for any home.


Builder: Ashton Build

Photography: Mark Scowan

Flooring Consultant: Razvan


Wood Species: Lithuanian Oak

Style: Herringbone Parquet

Grade: Light Feature

Colour: Whisky Sour (part of the Vienna Woods Distilled Collection)

Origin: Lithuania // made in Europe to meet strict European compliance standards

Durability: Highly durable due to slow-grown, dense structure

If you are interested in more information about Parquet Styles, check our knowledge sheet here.

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