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Discover Raftwood

Raftwood is more than just a timber flooring option; it’s a piece of history brought into your home. Originally produced from railway sleeper oak, each Raftwood plank is unique, featuring natural grains and textures that tell a story from a bygone era. 

Brown rustic timber flooring

The Origins of Raftwood

The oak used in Raftwood has a rich history.  For many years Raftwood was produced using reclaimed railway sleepers from the Eastern Bloc.  Interestingly, railway sleepers used oak for its hardness and resistance to rot.  In many cases this timber was more than a century old and characterised by natural wood splits, knots, cracks and dents.   All of these factors have contributed to beautiful repurposed product that lives on and exudes character.  

Today Raftwood is still produced from French oak, however the original railway sleepers are no longer available.  It is still produced by the same artisans with techniques to showcase the natural characteristics of this ultra rustic wood flooring.  Every plank still tells a story of time that’s passed with a nod to it’s origins.

Light Colour Texture Rustic Oak Herringbone Floor

Specifications and Uses

Raftwood is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also highly functional. The flooring is fortified with a natural oil finish that preserves its integrity and enhances its natural beauty. It’s perfect for a variety of applications, from flooring to wall installations, and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Additionally, matching stair nosings can be produced to ensure a cohesive look throughout your space. The oiled finish also allows for the application of intumescent coatings, enhancing its fire resistance, where required.

Most Common Domensions;

    • Available in Engineered timber planking and parquet in a 15mm overall thickness and 4mm wear layer
    • Herringbone/ Chevron at 600 x 120mm or 700 x 140mm
    • Standard planking up to 3m in length and up to 300mm wide

Other Specifcs;

    • Made in Germany and The Netherlands
    • Birch multiply engineered backing
    • Tongue and Groove connection
    • CE certified
    • No added formaldehyd, rated VOC A+
    • Sustainably sourced

Downloadable resources available here.

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Colour Palette and Texture

The Raftwood collection offers a range of colours that suit various interior styles. The palette includes shades from warm mid-tones to rich dark hues, each enhancing the rustic charm of the wood. The rich texture, complete with open splits and cracks, adds a rugged yet elegant touch to any room, creating spaces that are both inviting and timeless.

Rustic texture herringbone wood flooring in kitchen area

Romantic Appeal

Choosing Raftwood means bringing a piece of romance into your home. Its unique, weathered appearance nods to a time long past, adding character and charm that modern materials often lack. Each plank’s history and individual texture contribute to creating a space that is truly unique and full of character.

Raftwood collection
Raftwood collection-2

Learn More

Explore the full range of Raftwood and discover how it can transform your space. Visit our Raftwood Collection page to see the options available in this unique flooring.

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