American Walnut

Discover the Elegance of American Walnut: Luxurious Hardwood Flooring for Sophisticated Interiors

Embrace the sophistication and luxury of American Walnut hardwood flooring, a perfect choice for those seeking an elegant touch in their interiors. Each premium board, available in various sizes, knot levels, textures, and finishes, is either naturally oiled or finished with a matte lacquer, ensuring a bespoke fit for your unique living space.

Our American Walnut flooring features a delicate micro-bevelled edge, enhancing the definition of each floorboard. This, coupled with impeccable milling precision, elevates the overall ambiance of any room.

Trace the Roots of Excellence: Admonter’s Centuries-Old Legacy in Wood Crafting

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont, nestled in the breathtaking alpine landscape of Styria, Austria. Established nearly a millennium ago, this site has been a hub of wood milling since 1874. Initially overseen by monks, today it’s the skilled hands of Admonter’s 300 dedicated employees who ensure the legacy of wood craftsmanship continues.

Admonter has emerged as a leader in Europe’s natural wood flooring industry, synonymous with unparalleled wood craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and stunning designs.

Experience Health-Conscious Luxury: Admonter’s Commitment to Formaldehyde-Free Flooring

Prioritizing your health and environment, Admonter takes pride in offering a range of natural wood flooring and wood elements that are 100% formaldehyde-free. Choose Admonter for a safe, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing flooring solution that stands the test of time.

Matching stair nosings and treads for open stairs are also available.

If you’re a builder, architect, or interior designer contact us for sampling options.


  1. Premium American Walnut Hardwood: Renowned for its luxurious and sophisticated appearance, perfect for high-end interior designs.
  2. Customizable Design Options: Flexibility in choosing board sizes, knot levels, textures, and finishes to match individual style preferences.
  3. Natural Oil or Matt Lacquer Finish: Offers a choice between a transparent natural oil or a matte lacquer finish, enhancing the wood’s innate beauty.
  4. Micro-Bevelled Edge Detailing: Subtle micro-bevelled edges define each floorboard, contributing to a refined and elegant look.
  5. Milling Precision: Perfect milling for seamless fit and finish, ensuring a high-quality, premium atmosphere in interiors.
  6. Rich Historical Legacy: Rooted in the centuries-old tradition of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont in Styria, Austria, with a longstanding history of wood milling since 1874.
  7. Expert Craftsmanship: Admonter’s 300 skilled employees uphold a tradition of exceptional wood craftsmanship and quality.
  8. Renowned European Manufacturer: Admonter is recognized as one of Europe’s leading natural wood flooring manufacturers, known for outstanding craftsmanship and design.
  9. 100% Formaldehyde-Free Products: A commitment to health and environmental sustainability, offering a range of flooring and wood elements free from formaldehyde.
  10. Versatile Range: A wide variety of natural wood flooring and wood elements, catering to diverse aesthetic and functional needs.
  11. Sustainable Production: All production is carried out in Admont, ensuring quality control and sustainability in manufacturing processes.

This product is Made in Europe, 100% Formaldehyde-free.  It has Black knot filler in open knots.  It isSuitable for underfloor heating and also walls & ceilings.

Construction: 3-ply

Wood: American Walnut

Grade: Elegance, Rustic

Texture: Sanded, Antico

Finish: Natural Oil, Matt lacquer

Edge Type: Micro Bevel

Width: 120mm, 158mm, 192mm

Length: 1200mm, 1850mm, 2000mm

Thickness: 15mm

Top Layer: 3.6mm

Installation: Glue Down

Warranty: 30 years residential