Empire Oak

Empire Oak, part of the prestigious Foundation Collection, is the epitome of luxury and sustainability in timber flooring. This product offers a sublime ‘wood’ aesthetic with its subtle natural oak malt caramel hue, seamlessly blending into any design without the overpowering tones of yellow or gold.

Crafted with precision from premium European oak, Empire Oak exhibits a rustic grade with moderate knot levels and elegant black filler within open knots. The boards are beautifully finished, with meticulous attention to occasional splits in the oak, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.

Each board, sized generously at 210mm wide and uniformly 2200mm in length, showcases the luxurious width and quality of Empire Oak. These dimensions not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure consistency across all installations, as all boards are the same length without any nested lengths.

Adding to its practicality and durability, Empire Oak is finished with an extra matt lacquer from BONA, the renowned European manufacturer known for its high-quality floor polyurethane. This finish not only protects against daily wear and tear but also enhances the natural allure of the oak.

Empire Oak holds the prestigious FSC-certification, affirming its sustainable sourcing from managed forests. This commitment to environmental responsibility is a testament to the product’s alignment with contemporary eco-conscious values.

Exclusively crafted in Europe by some of the continent’s most skilled artisans, Empire Oak reflects the high compliance with European standards, offering an exceptional cost-to-quality ratio.

For architects, builders, and interior designers, Empire Oak presents an opportunity to introduce a touch of European elegance into their projects. Contact us to explore sampling options and experience firsthand the unmatched quality and craftsmanship of Empire Oak.

Empire Oak: Luxurious, sustainable European-made engineered timber flooring, available exclusively in New Zealand through Vienna Woods, your first choice in quality timber flooring.


Made in Europe
Low to Medium knot level
Dark knot filler
Suitable for underfloor heating
Also suitable for walls & ceilings

Construction: Engineered 3-ply

Wood: European Oak

Grade: Rustic

Texture: Brushed

Finish: BONA matt lacquer

Edge Type: Micro Bevel

Width: 210mm

Length: 2200mm - fixed lengths

Thickness: 14mm

Top Layer: 3.5mm

Installation: Glue Down or Floating

Warranty: 30 years residential

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