Havane (301)

The Havane 301 flooring from Antique Floors is an elegantly designed oak floor that combines the beauty of natural wood with the durability gained from a heat treatment process. This process not only increases the floor’s stability but also imparts a distinctive patina that makes each board unique. The handcrafted nature of these boards, filled with metal and end grain patches, adds to their charm. They come in various dimensions and are suitable for a wide range of interior designs.

Key features include authentic metal and timber end grain patch repairs.

This product is ordered especially for your project and lead time should be allowed for.  You can read more about Vienna Woods Special Orders here.

Samples can be viewed in our Auckland showroom today.  Click here to schedule a showroom consultation.
  • Made in Luxemburg
  • Heat-Treated for Durability and Stability
  • Unique Patina on Each Board
  • 100% Genuine Hardwood
  • Handmade with Metal and End Grain Patches (There is a variety of 12 different metal patches which feature at a rate of approx. 1 piece every 1.5 – 2m2)
  • Is available without metal patches on request.
  • Available in Solid French Oak only
  • Customisable Dimensions and Grade Options
  • Heavy Brushed, Shrunk, Worn, Sawing Band Surface

The Havane Collection is baked at 180 degrees celsius for two days, making it up to 50% more stable than other solid wood flooring.  This “baking” process also bakes the colour in, so that the colour remains all the way through the planks.

Construction: Solid

Wood: French Oak

Grade: Rustic

Texture: Heavily textured

Finish: Lacquered

Edge Type: Bevelled

Width: Variable 200 - 300mm

Length: Variable 1500 - 2800mm

Thickness: Variable 20 - 25mm

Installation: Glue Down