Selitpro Aquastop Twinfoam 2.2mm Underlay


For Peak Values In Acoustic & Load Thanks to the innovative TwinFoam™ technology, SELITPRO® 2.2 mm combines peak values in acoustic and loading capacity. This is reflected in an optimum walking noise and impact sound reduction as well as a reliable protection of the floor under load and in use, as well as falling objects. The SELITPRO® 2.2 mm AquaStop is equipped with an AquaStop surface and optimally protects the floor against moisture with a sd-value ≥ 200 m. Made in Germany and available exclusively through Vienna Woods. Sold in packs of 9m2.

Thermal resistance
Parameter: R
Value: ~ 0,07
Unit: m²K/W

Impact sound reduction
≤ 21
≤ 18
≤ 18
n. a
Unit: dB


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