Premium Wide Plank Floors
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Premium wide plank floors from austria

Admonter of Austria make wooden floors that represent the absolute peak in wood craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design, setting the reference-point for wide plank floors worldwide.

What makes an Admonter wide plank floor so special is their ability to bring out the natural beauty and character of wood grain, like no other.

Rich in tradition

Admonter is a subsidiary company of the Benedictine monastery of Admont. Wood has been processed around the monastery for over 900 years; this rich tradition of wood craftsmanship is evident in every single Admonter flooring plank.

A singular attention to quality means that only 2% of a tree is suitable to be made into an Admonter. Each floor undergoes countless quality checks at each phase of production and is made exclusively in Austria using state of the art production facilities.


Classic Hardwoods Collection

This is the product line of Admonter wide plank floors with the biggest variety of wood species, colours, gradings and installation systems. The construction of Admonter Classic planks is modular, which means, that wide plank floors are available either with a bottom layer of the same wood specie as the top layer or with a spruce backing. The big choice is unique in the world of wide plank floors.

Classic Softwoods Collection

The warm character and natural elegance of this flooring suits modern and traditional interiors imbuing a unique personality, with subtle grain variations and a natural patina.

Specials Collection

A collection of unique and exciting floors with texture, contrast, and artistic flair. Exclusive natural floors that match the latest international interior design trends.

Soaped Floors Collection

Matte colours and a timeless patina show off the beauty of an Admonter floor.

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