Raftwood Amazone

Raftwood flooring, especially in the stunning “Amazone” colour variant, epitomises the beauty of natural, nutty oak hues. This option, with its light and organic tones, offers a serene yet sophisticated look, perfect for creating an ambiance of tranquillity and elegance in any space. The essence of the Raftwood collection lies in its unique approach to texture and colour variation. Each plank in the Amazone range is a masterpiece in its own right, featuring distinctive shades and textures that showcase the organic beauty of oak.

The Amazone colour option brings a harmonious blend to interiors, with its varied yet cohesive appearance. This natural variation ensures that every floor is distinct, with a personalised character that can’t be replicated. The inherent diversity of each plank contributes to an overall floor that is not just a surface but a conversation piece, rich in history and natural beauty.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Raftwood in Amazone is a testament to the art of fine flooring. Sourced from the rustic French Oak and finished with a natural oil, it preserves the innate charm of the wood while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

Complementing the Raftwood range is our Herringbone pattern flooring, available in the same Amazone colour. This allows for creative design solutions, blending the rustic appeal of Raftwood with the classic elegance of Herringbone, ensuring a seamless integration throughout your space.

As with all our Raftwood products, the Amazone option is made to order, tailored to the individual requirements of your project. This bespoke approach ensures a floor that is not only beautiful but also uniquely yours.

Made in The Netherlands
Cracks left unfilled or partially filled
Colour variation is a feature
Dark filler in open knots
Suitable for underfloor heating
Also suitable for walls & ceilings

Construction: multi ply

Wood: French Oak

Grade: Rustic

Texture: Heavily textured

Finish: Natural oil

Edge Type: Bevel

Width: 180mm, 220mm

Length: 1700-2400mm

Thickness: 15mm

Top Layer: 4mm

Installation: Glue Down

Warranty: 15 years residential

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