Raftwood Amazone Herringbone

Our Herringbone Raftwood flooring captures the essence of traditional rustic timber aesthetics, now presented in the classic and elegant herringbone pattern. Originally inspired by up-cycled railway sleepers from Eastern Europe, our Herringbone Raftwood echoes this heritage, combining it with modern craftsmanship.

Each piece is meticulously crafted in The Netherlands, ensuring the spirit of the original Raftwood design is preserved. We use only the most rustic French Oak, sourced from the same esteemed forests as our Amazone Plank collection. This guarantees a seamless integration of styles, where you can combine standard planks and the herringbone pattern for your space.

The intricate herringbone design not only adds visual depth to your interiors but also weaves a story of time-honoured tradition. The flooring features natural splits and knots, each thoughtfully filled by hand to accentuate its authentic, rustic charm. This meticulous process ensures that every floorboard is unique, adding individuality and exclusivity to your interior design.

Our Herringbone Raftwood is fortified with a natural oil finish, offering protection while highlighting the timber’s innate beauty. The result is a durable, timeless flooring solution that brings warmth and character to any setting.

This flooring is a testament to Flamingo Parket’s dedication to unique and inspiring wood designs. The Dutch manufacturer is renowned for its individualistic approach to wood treatments, assuring that each product stands out in both quality and design.

Available in a range of engineered flooring options, including standard plank, wide plank, and Chevron alongside Herringbone, this product is specially ordered for your project. We recommend allowing lead time for its creation and delivery.

Embrace the distinctiveness and rich history of our Herringbone Raftwood flooring – a choice that reflects a fusion of artisanal heritage and contemporary elegance in timber flooring.

Made in The Netherlands
Cracks left unfilled or partially filled
Colour variation is a feature
Dark filler in open knots
Suitable for underfloor heating
Also suitable for walls & ceilings


Construction: multi ply

Wood: French Oak

Grade: Rustic

Texture: Heavily textured

Finish: Natural oil

Edge Type: Bevel

Width: 120MM

Length: 600MM

Thickness: 15mm

Top Layer: 4mm

Installation: Glue Down

Warranty: 15 years residential

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