Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad Replacement


This cleaning product is safe for all unwaxed polyurethane-finished, all oiled floors and all laminate wood floors.

Bona Microfibre pad provide effective and safe cleaning! To be in line with our continuous effort for improving the sustainability our pads are now made with over 90 % recycled material and with the same good performance Our Bona microfibre pads are designed to work in harmony with Bonas floor cleaner and mops.

  • Patented dual-zone microfiber for a better clean
  • Professional grade design leaves floors streak-free
  • Sustainable design is reusable up to 500 times
  • Removes 99% of Bacteria
  • Now with over 90% recycled material
  1. High-Quality Microfiber Material: Effectively traps dust, dirt, and grime, ensuring thorough cleaning of the floor surface.
  2. Reusable and Washable: Can be washed and reused multiple times, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution.
  3. Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with the Bona Premium Spray Mop, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal cleaning performance.
  4. Gentle on Floors: Safe for use on all hardwood and hard-surface floors, particularly effective for high-quality timber like engineered oak.
  5. Easy to Attach and Remove: Features a simple design for quick attachment to and removal from the Bona Spray Mop.
  6. Large Surface Area: Covers a significant floor area with each swipe, making cleaning efficient and less time-consuming.
  7. Durable Construction: Built to last through numerous wash cycles without losing its cleaning efficacy.
  8. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Option: Reduces the need for disposable cleaning products, aligning with sustainable cleaning practices.

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