Mapesonic CR Underlay


Under-floor soundproofing system applied in a thin layer to counteract the transmission of noise through floors caused by footsteps.

Sold by the roll.


Thickness: 2 or 4mm

Net Weight: 32.2KG/ roll

Length: 20 lm (2mm), 10lm (4mm)

Width: 10lm

Thermal Resistance R (m2 K/W): 0.024 (2mm), 0.048 (4mm)

Material: Recomposed cork and rubber bound with polyurethane

Colour: brown-black

Packaging: Rolls

EMICODE: EC1 Plus – very low emission

Elongation at failure EN ISO 1798 (%): 20

Tensile Strength EN ISO 1798 (N/mm2): 0.6

Reduction of noise from footsteps in compliance with ISO 10140-3 (former ISO 140-8): 10dB (obtained with Mapesonic CR 2mm and ceramic tile flooring)

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