Crinkle Cut House Boasts Sophisticated Smoked Oak Flooring

The Crinkle Cut House designed by Pac Studio.

The dwelling boasts a captivating facade adorned with louvered doors, offering a versatile and adaptable living experience. These doors provide the option to shield the home from the bustling street while welcoming an abundance of natural light into the interior. The house showcases the advantages of passive design principles, with a thoughtfully planned layout, effective sun shading, and the use of high-performance thermal materials. This harmonizes airflow and ventilation, creating a comfortable and sustainable connection with the natural environment.

Situated on a corner site surrounded by pōhutukawa trees, this residence epitomises the perfect summer lifestyle in a charming coastal setting within a close-knit community.



 The timber flooring was chosen to add warmth and depth to the space, so it was important that the choice exhibited character.  Vienna Woods was able to offer a unique European-made oak floor with subtle features and a sophisticated smokey nature.  

The facade features horizontal weatherboards with a batten grid that positions the windows in constant, dappled shade, embodying our intent to harness the interplay of light and shadow in our design.

The louvered elements add dynamism to the residence, affording precise control over airflow, light, views, privacy, and openness. Whether you wish to disconnect from the outside world or engage with the neighborhood’s activities, the louvers provide the flexibility to adapt to your preferences. On a warm summer day, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene, observing the comings and goings of dog walkers, swimmers, and cyclists, or you can adjust the louvers to modulate wind, sunlight, and ambient light, tailoring the environment to your liking.

One of the defining architectural features is the raking clerestory windows that encircle the house. These windows enable the residents to savor the ever-changing positions of the sun and moon in the sky, as well as the captivating interplay of light across the carefully crafted structural elements within the interior.

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Product: Vienna Woods // Flamingo Smoked Oak, oiled finish tongue and groover system

Architect: Pac Studio
Builder: Lindesay Construction
Images: Simon Devitt

Herringbone – A Family Home with Soul

Vienna Woods customer Sophie Heyworth shares her inspiration behind the design of her home and the reasons why they went with Vienna Woods Flamingo in a Herringbone flooring pattern.

Why did you choose this Vienna Woods flooring?

Vienna Woods was our first port of call having seen their flooring in a number of homes we liked. The idea of a herringbone floor was something we didn’t realise was possible until we saw a beautiful example installed by one of VW’s craftsman installers – we were immediately hooked. We wanted to use timber with plenty of grain and texture, laid as individual pieces – something that would feel amazing and tactile under bare feet. Flooring is arguably one of the most important decisions in a house and has a huge impact on the aesthetics and feel of a space, so we thought it was worth investing in.

What was your inspiration when designing your home?

We wanted to create a home with soul – to us that meant warmth, natural materials and a sense of craft. It’s not a big home by today’s standards and is a renovated ‘modernist’ style architectural home from the 70’s. It had nice proportions, large windows and novel details – some which work and some which don’t! We were inspired by the architect’s original drawings and details, many of which were never implemented. So we essentially went back to the materials and detailing which were originally drawn by the original architect and then improved on by our builder, landscaper and kitchen designer.

What was the overall look and feel you were trying to achieve?

For us, the house is predominantly intimate and personal, yet able to open out on both sides in summer to create a pavilion-style area for larger numbers of friends and family. In that sense it makes a great summer house which is cool, breezy and very much indoor-outdoor, whereas in winter it is closed in to create a cozy, warm place to hibernate. Ultimately the house needs to function as a busy family home, so it has to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The floor is testament to this – we don’t have to be too precious about it and it still looks great. As with all natural materials, it gets better with age!

Engineered Timber Flooring: Flamingo /// Himalaya Herringbone

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Raftwood Collection – Flooring with a History

The Vienna Woods Raftwood collection is truly something special because it is a beautiful wooden floor with history. Made from reclaimed Dutch railway sleeper oak, Raftwood is a robust wooden floor with graceful, natural grain. Thanks to the wooden contours that these sleepers produce, not one Raftwood plank is the same. Each features a distinct individualised look that tells a unique story of a time before.

Its unique texture brings a special atmosphere and character to any interior style – from modern and industrial to rural. Its rugged, natural appearance creates rustic yet warm spaces for people to enjoy.

When choosing Raftwood, you are choosing a sustainable and responsible wood, but that doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing quality. The flooring is protected and fortified with a natural oil finish that helps hold the integrity of the wood for years to come.

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