Admonter Oak Lapis in the Tent House Project

In the innovative Tent House by Strachan Group Architects, Vienna Woods’ Admonter Oak Lapis flooring stands out for its unique character. This striking project, nestled among sand-dunes near Ocean Beach in Tairua, features the distinctive smoked oak, highlighting the home’s natural integration with its surroundings.

Integration with Design

Admonter Oak Lapis is a smoked oak, which is incredibly rare in New Zealand.  It brings a sense of depth and complexity to the Tent House’s design. The smoking process, which involves enveloping the oak timber in smoke for days, results in a rich, nuanced colour palette and a subtle smokiness. This flooring choice enhances the tent-like architecture, adding an organic, layered texture to the living areas.


The utilisation of Vienna Woods’ Admonter Oak Lapis underscores the company’s dedication to unique, high-quality, and sustainable flooring. Its unusual smoked effect and deep, intricate colours resonate with the Tent House’s ecological focus, perfectly aligning with the home’s striking design and environmental ethos.

Special acknowledgement to the incredible work on this project from Strachan Group Architects, who produced an award-winning home.

Photography @ Jackie Meiring

NZIA Waikato & Bay of Plenty Architecture Award Winner – 2023 – Housing

Resene Colour Award

The Maraetai Project – Harmonising Natural Beauty with European Elegance

In the heart of a picturesque coastal town in New Zealand, the Maraetai Project stands as a paragon of design that marries the tranquillity of ocean views with the sophistication of European elegance. Vienna Woods’ Foundation Collection was the chosen canvas upon which the narrative of a modern, airy, and light-filled space was painted.

Client’s Vision

The homeowners, avid lovers of the sea, desired a living space that not only offered uninterrupted views of the ocean but also invited the calmness and grandeur of the coast indoors. They envisaged a home where the barriers between the natural and built environment were effortlessly blurred.

Design Objectives

  • To create a space that reflects the coastal setting through material choice and design.
  • To ensure the flooring complements the home’s modern architecture and the natural light.
  • To source sustainable and high-quality materials that adhere to European standards.

The Design Process

Melanie Sa’u, an esteemed interior designer, approached this project with a vision to create a seamless flow between the natural exterior and the home’s interior. The use of Vienna Woods’ engineered oak flooring was instrumental in achieving this. The Foundation Collection was selected for its wider planks and longer lengths, offering a contemporary look that mimics the expansive horizon of the ocean.

Solution and Implementation

The engineered oak’s natural grain and warm undertones bring the essence of the seaside indoors, offering a tactile and visual softness that contrasts beautifully with the crisp, modern lines of the furniture and cabinetry by Craftsman Cabinets. JMA Builders expertly installed the flooring to maximise the continuity from indoor to outdoor living spaces, enhancing the open-plan design that allows the homeowners to entertain guests with the backdrop of the ocean.


The result is a stunning confluence of form and function; a home that stands as a serene retreat, where the sound of the waves complements the visual harmony of the interior. The engineered oak flooring, laid out in a pattern that directs the eye to the ocean, becomes a metaphorical and literal foundation for the home’s design ethos.

Product: The Foundation Collection

Interior Designer: Melanie Sa’u

Vienna Woods Project Consultant: Miguel Uribe

European Oak Floors // Wings House // Borrmeister Architects

The ‘Wings House’ is a light filled and open family home in Halswell, Christchurch. With a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, this Oak floor complements the other wooden features of the home. Its warm light tone with dark character accents adds a touch of elegance and charm. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also hard-wearing, ensuring longevity and durability.

Talk to our consultant today and discover how our flooring can perfectly match your cabinets or furniture.

Photos: Sarah Rowland Photography

Design: Borrmeister Architects

Natural Oak Floor in Mt Eden

This beautiful villa in Mt Eden is a stunning testament to modern renovations. Step inside to discover the charm of new wooden floors adorning the kitchen, dining area, hallway, and welcoming entrance. The Supernatural timber used in long lengths elegantly elongates the hallway, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. We cannot help but love the exquisite copper detailing that separates the carpet in the bedrooms and the tiles in the bathroom. With its soft light tone, this renovation effortlessly complements a variety of wooden furniture, while bringing a modern touch to the kitchen. It was an absolute pleasure working with the home owners on this project . We are thrilled, as are they with the timeless beauty of their transformed villa.                                  

Product: Vienna Woods // ESTA // Oak Supernatural

Builder: Team Salamander

Images: @markscowen_photography

Vienna Woods Project Consultant:

Smoked Oak in Dairy Flat

Vienna Woods are proud to be associated with this stunning home in Dairy Flat. With wooden floors throughout, this home seamlessly flows from one end to the other. The stunning light to mid-brown tones with impressive depth of colour perfectly completement and enhance the black features of this home.

This smoked oak floor from renowned Austrian manufacturer Admonter, allows you to tailor this flooring for your living space, by choosing the desired knot level, texture and board size. This product is refined and fortified with a natural oil finish.

Engineered Timber Flooring: Vienna Woods // Admonter // Oak Lapis

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