Delving into the Intricate World of Parquet Timber Flooring

Parquet timber flooring, an epitome of elegance in architectural design, has long been celebrated for its sophisticated patterns and artistic value. Originating from the rich cultural heritage of Europe, parquet flooring infuses spaces with an artistic legacy. In New Zealand, Vienna Woods is a pioneer in introducing an array of parquet styles, encompassing the widely admired herringbone and chevron to the more intricate, lesser-known designs.

One of the unique offerings at Vienna Woods includes flooring reclaimed from French train carriages, masterfully reworked into herringbone and chevron patterns by Antique Floors. This blend of history and artistry exemplifies the unique charm of parquet flooring.  The following is an example of reclaimed flooring in a Chevron style.

The Timeless Appeal of Herringbone and Chevron

Herringbone and chevron patterns stand out as two of the most coveted parquet styles. The herringbone design, known for its staggered zigzag of rectangular blocks, and the chevron pattern, with its wood pieces cut at 45-degree angles, offer both versatility and a timeless appeal. These styles have gained immense popularity across New Zealand, competitively priced alongside standard plank flooring. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that installation costs are significantly higher, often 50 to 100% more than standard planks, due to the intricate laying process required.

Moreover, these styles typically involve a higher wastage percentage compared to standard plank floors, owing to the specific angles and alignments. This aspect is vital for consideration in project planning and budgeting. 

Discovering the Diversity of Parquet Styles

Beyond herringbone and chevron, Vienna Woods presents a world of parquet styles, each offering distinct aesthetics and design possibilities:

  • Basket Weave: Characterised by wood planks that create a square pattern, resembling a basket weave. This style ranges from simple, single-strip designs to complex, multiple-strip patterns.
  • Versailles: Drawing inspiration from the Palace of Versailles, this pattern features large square tiles with interlocking diagonal squares, rectangles, and lozenges, adding a royal touch to interiors.
  • Chantilly: A simpler counterpart to Versailles, Chantilly consists of smaller squares and rectangles, crafting an elegant, woven appearance.  The image above is a good example of Chantilly.
  • Brick Pattern: This layout mimics the arrangement of bricks in a wall, with staggered rows of rectangular blocks, offering a clean, linear look.
  • Hexagon Pattern: A less common design involving hexagonal shapes, creating a visually compelling effect.
  • Mosaic Parquet: An artistic approach, using small wood pieces of varied sizes and colours to form a detailed, mosaic-like pattern with diverse geometric shapes.
  • Bordeaux Pattern: A blend of squares and lozenges, this pattern creates a star-like effect, often found in formal settings.

Each of these patterns embodies a unique charm, aligning seamlessly with the European heritage and high standards synonymous with Vienna Woods’ product range.

The image below is a example of some finishing options with herringbone patterns.  Often dark floors may use brass dividing bars as dividing line and herringbone floors often utilise a “picture frame” or boarder in matching standard planks.

A Journey Through Style and History

Parquet timber flooring is more than just a flooring choice; it’s a statement of style, a piece of history brought to life. With its diverse patterns and designs, parquet flooring caters to every preference, from the understated elegance of brick patterns to the intricate grandeur of Versailles. For those in New Zealand seeking unparalleled quality and aesthetics in flooring, Vienna Woods stands as the gateway to this exquisite world of parquet.

We invite you to explore our range and discover the perfect parquet style to complement your architectural vision. Visit the Vienna Woods website for an extensive look at our products and case studies, showcasing the beauty and versatility of our parquet styles. Embark on this journey with us and elevate your space to a new level of elegance and sophistication.

What are Bandsawn Timber Floors?

In the world of interior design, trends come and go, but there’s one element that has stood the test of time – the rustic beauty of bandsaw timber flooring. Bandsaw timber is a remarkable choice for those who seek to infuse their living spaces with character and authenticity. This unique flooring option preserves the old-world charm of timber while enhancing modern interiors with a strong textural element.

Let’s delve into the origins of bandsaw timber and explore how and why it is still used in modern timber flooring.


The Origins of Bandsaw Timber

Bandsaw and rough-sawn timber, with its distinctive physical texture and grooves, has a history that dates back to the early days of woodworking. The bandsaw itself is a classic tool that woodworkers have used for centuries. Unlike modern, high-speed circular saws, bandsaws use a continuous loop of metal with teeth to cut through timber. This slower cutting process results in the characteristic, uneven patterns, ridges, and grooves that make bandsaw timber so unique.

The bandsaw, in its various historical forms, was an essential tool in woodworking shops of the past. It allowed craftsmen to efficiently cut logs into lumber and planks, making it an integral part of traditional craftsmanship. These early bandsaw-cut planks were used in a variety of applications, from constructing buildings to crafting furniture, and they quickly gained a reputation for their durability and rustic appeal.



The Revival of Bandsaw Timber in Modern Flooring

In recent years, there has been a growing resurgence of interest in bandsaw and rough-sawn timber for modern interior design. The reasons for this revival are numerous and reflect both practical and aesthetic considerations.

1. Authenticity and Character: Bandsaw timber flooring embodies the authenticity and character of the past. Its irregularities, natural imperfections, and grooves provide a tangible link to a time when craftsmanship was prized, and every piece of wood told a unique story. This historical authenticity is particularly appealing in an age dominated by mass-produced, homogeneous products.

2. Visual Texture: The physical divers and grooves in bandsaw timber create a visually rich texture that can transform any space. This textured surface adds depth and interest to a room, giving it a warm, inviting ambiance that simply can’t be replicated by more uniform flooring materials.

3. Durability: Bandsaw-cut timber is known for its durability. The bandsaw’s slower cutting process results in lumber that is denser and more robust, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in modern homes. It can withstand years of use and still maintain its beauty.

4. Maintenance:  Let’s get real on the maintenance of rustic styles; Bandsawn and rough-sawn timber is so rich in texture that it will hide a myriad of sins.  Scratches, dents and stains can often be concealed within the character and texture of this style of timber flooring.  Much more so than with say, prime grade smooth finishes.

5. Versatility: Bandsaw timber is versatile, allowing it to complement a wide range of interior design styles. Whether your space is rustic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, bandsaw timber can be adapted to suit your needs.

Bandsaw timber flooring is a beautiful, practical choice for modern interior design. Its deep-rooted history, authenticity, and unique textural qualities make it a versatile option that can enhance the character and ambiance of any living space. By embracing the rustic charm of bandsaw timber, you not only add a touch of nostalgia to your interior but also ensure that your flooring exudes character and charm for years to come. As you take each step on your bandsaw timber floor, you’ll be walking through history while enjoying the timeless beauty of a classic material in a modern setting.

8 Ways to a Luxurious Interior with Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is likely to be the design feature that takes up the largest area of your home, therefore your choice of product has a huge impact on the atmosphere of your interior. Here are 8 easy ways you can ensure your timber flooring elevates your home to a luxurious level.

1/ Choose European Made Timber Flooring

Most ‘European’ wood flooring available in New Zealand is actually manufactured in Asia. If you really want a more refined atmosphere in your home, specify genuine European made timber flooring.

The Europeans combine centuries of wood working tradition with the latest technology, to craft superior quality engineered timber flooring.

Perfect milling precision, the latest European designs and wood treatments and generous longer lengths of flooring are some of the features of European made timber flooring. All of these elements combine to bring that special x-factor to your home; a feeling of quality and refined luxury throughout the interior.

2/ Use Wide Floorboards

Wide floorboards are an easy way to elevate the appearance of your interior. Wide floorboards bring ‘wow’ factor and a grand sense of scale to the interior. Depending on the size of room, you may consider anything from 180mm up to 300mm.

Oak Onyx 250mm

3/ Specify Longer Floorboards

Floorboard length is a vital element that is surprisingly often overlooked. As an example, most of the oak floorboards available in New Zealand are relatively short in length, as they’re usually sourced from Asia, resulting in a busy appearance to the finished floor. These short boards are typically a maximum length of 1900-2000mm, with a high percentage of much shorter boards mixed in – eg. about 40% of boards may be from just 600mm in length.

By comparison, Vienna Woods ensure that we always source the longest boards possible in each range we offer. Typical lengths we source from Europe are from 2200mm to 2400mm, however we can source massive lengths of up to 5 metres. Our floorboards come in fixed lengths where possible (with no shorter lengths supplied). Some products do come with shorter boards of mixed length, however we always ensure that even these ‘shorter’ boards are of reasonable length.

These generous sized longer floorboards from Europe will elevate your interior, bringing a premium atmosphere to your home.

4/ Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

These classic patterns updated for modern living are an excellent way to achieve a sense of luxury in your home. We recommend using European manufactured herringbone or chevron, as milling precision is absolutely vital in achieving a premium look with these patterns.

It is increasingly common to combine these patterns with standard boards in other areas of the home – apart from creating a visual feature this also helps keep costs down.

Admonter Oak Grey Herringbone

5/ Brass, Aged Brass or Matt Black trims

This is a relatively easy way to bring extra style to your interior. The trims can be placed in doorways where your wood flooring meets other floor coverings. Alternatively, you can add a feature to your floor, such as placing some boards in diagonal patterned sections in your hallway, with the metal trims creating a border between the feature pattern and standard floorboards.

6/ Open Stair Treads

Open stairs bring a unique architectural element to your interior. We can offer a prefinished tread option that is unique to the market; open stair treads made in the same factory as your flooring, from exactly the same wood source. The colour tone, texture and finish is the same as your flooring which helps achieve a seamless look between these interior elements.

7/ Matching Skirting

Matching skirting is available from select manufacturers and is an elegant way to tie the flooring and skirting together for more impact.

8/ Wall and Ceiling Panels

Using matching or contrasting wood panels or floorboards on walls and ceilings is an excellent way to bring some architectural wow-factor to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Sunbaked

Special Imports; Tailored Timber Flooring Design

You may have noticed on our website that our products can be searched by availability – ‘In Stock’ or ‘By Indent’.

In Stock means that the flooring is a stock item and we can usually supply at short notice, although it pays to be aware that we do occasionally sell out of an item due to high demand and it can take time to replenish the stock.

An Indent or “Special Order” is one that we make especially for a customer.  This product will be selected specifically to suit the project.  At Vienna Woods we place a number of Special orders for customers every month. 

The advantage of ordering a product through a special order is that the client will have access to specialised timber flooring and wall claddings that aren’t typically available in Australia and New Zealand.  The client may choose from a variety of stains, protective finishes, planking styles, widths, parquet and thicknesses.  Also available are a wonderful array of reclaimed and repurposed timbers that in many cases will be a one-of-a-kind wooden floor for your space.

Some points about special orders with Vienna Woods:

  •  The timeframe: Typically 4 months, however can be longer in some cases
  •  The options: Almost endless, so it’s a good idea to visit our showroom for inspiration as a starting point
  • The Vienna Woods Special Order system tracks your order from moment it is placed with the supplier, through to delivery to your door.  At any moment we can give you an estimated arrival date, once the order is on a container ship, the estimates become increasingly accurate.
  • Special orders are available to home owners, trade and commercial operators alike

The Vienna Woods Special Order Process:

  1.  Consult with a Vienna Woods Timber Flooring Expert regarding your project
  2.  Narrow down options 
  3. Sample Approval
  4. A deposit begins the order process
  5. Communication regarding shipping progress
  6. Product inspection and payment on arrival
  7. Enjoy your unique timber flooring

If you have enough time before your project starts, we recommend that you consider this option as it can be well worth the while sourcing a unique product, tailored especially for your living space.

 Some products that we arrange via special orders include; The Flamingo Parket Collection, Admonter Reclaimed Wall Cladding and Vienna Woods // Antique Floors


Wagon Back Herringbone Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

Vienna Woods // Reclaimed Wagon Oak Herringbone

Wagon Back Herringbone Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

Vienna Woods // Admonter // Reclaimed Hacked

Using Complementing Woods on Walls, Ceilings and Cabinetry

The use of complementing woods on walls, ceilings and cabinetry is for the individualist who appreciates the beauty intrinsic to wood.

With Admonter’s range of wall cladding and panels, you can easily lift your interior to an inspiring level. You may choose to use either matching wood colours (the same as your Admonter natural wood floorboards), or complementing colours combined with unique textures to encourage an organic, natural ambience.

Panels: Natural wood panels from Admonter let you give full rein to your creativity in all manner of different situations, whether you chose a classic hardwood or reclaimed and aged wood panel, Admonter wood panels have earned a name for themselves.

Cladding: A range of wall elements are available such as Galleria or CUBE. These are interlocking engineered wood panels that work in a similar way to floorboards (installed in a random/brick pattern). This special range of cladding features textures and designs not possible to achieve with floorboards.

Admonter Galleria Reclaimed Wood H2 Hacked

Admonter Cube

Of course you may also use our floorboards on walls and ceilings and many of our clients choose to do so.
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