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VW News 17.07.2019

Special Imports - Tailored To Your Living Space

You may have noticed on our website that our products can be searched by availability - 'In Stock' or 'By Indent'.

In Stock means that the flooring is a stock item and we can usually supply at short notice, although it pays to be aware that we do occasionally sell out of an item due to high demand and it can take time to replenish the stock.

By Indent means that we place an order of flooring with the manufacturer especially for you. The production and shipping time to NZ is usually approx 2.5 to 3 months, sometimes longer.

The advantage of ordering a product By Indent is that you can customise the flooring however you wish - you can choose the plank size, knot level, texture, finish (oil or lacquer), board edge type (square edge or bevel) and so on.

You can also choose from a greatly enlarged range of colour and design options compared to what we have in stock.

If you have enough time before your project starts, we recommend that you consider this option as it can be well worth the while sourcing a unique product, tailored especially for your living space.

Admonter Oak Stone

Admonter Oak Stone Alpin

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