Château is an exclusive range of wide French oak engineered floorboards, finely aged with a unique wood treatment that provides a very beautiful and luxurious appearance. The Château range is finished with a natural looking Supermatt lacquer.

The extra wide boards bring a special dynamic to your interior and a generous impression of spaciousness, luxury and drama.

Available in a rustic grade of oak with medium to large knot size. A feature of this product is colour and grain variation.

Herringbone and Chevron boards are also available in the same colours, with a 3 month lead time.



Quiet Floors


We’ve searched far and wide to source innovative, class-leading acoustic solutions for our customers. Solutions include advanced adhesive that provides superior acoustic performance over concrete and premium underlay from Germany.

Acoustic Adhesive

New generation MS hybrid polymer adhesives offer a superior acoustic performance.

Best results are achieved when using Parabond Parquet 480 as a combined moisture barrier & adhesive; the thicker layer of adhesive used to ensure moisture protection dries to a rubber-like consistency, providing excellent acoustic performance.

Parabond is made in Belgium and is imported exclusively by Vienna Woods.

Acoustic Underlay

For peak values in acoustic & load.

Thanks to the innovative TwinFoam™ technology, SELITPRO® 2.2 mm combines peak values in acoustic and loading capacity. This is reflected in an optimum walking noise and impact sound reduction as well as a reliable protection of the floor under load and in use, as well as falling objects.

The SELITPRO® 2.2 mm AquaStop is equipped with an AquaStop surface and optimally protects the floor against moisture with a sd-value ≥ 200 m.

We also stock 3mm Aquastop underlay.

SELITPRO® underlay is made in Germany and imported exclusively by Vienna Woods.

Mapecem CR

This 4mm thick cork/rubber underlay provides excellent acoustic performance and is an ideal solution when a high performing underlay is required.

We typically glue the underlay to the substrate and then glue the wood flooring directly to the underlay.

Perfect for apartments where a glued down wood floor is desired.

Special Imports; Tailored Timber Flooring Design

You may have noticed on our website that our products can be searched by availability – ‘In Stock’ or ‘By Indent’.

In Stock means that the flooring is a stock item and we can usually supply at short notice, although it pays to be aware that we do occasionally sell out of an item due to high demand and it can take time to replenish the stock.

An Indent or “Special Order” is one that we make especially for a customer.  This product will be selected specifically to suit the project.  At Vienna Woods we place a number of Special orders for customers every month. 

The advantage of ordering a product through a special order is that the client will have access to specialised timber flooring and wall claddings that aren’t typically available in Australia and New Zealand.  The client may choose from a variety of stains, protective finishes, planking styles, widths, parquet and thicknesses.  Also available are a wonderful array of reclaimed and repurposed timbers that in many cases will be a one-of-a-kind wooden floor for your space.

Some points about special orders with Vienna Woods:

  •  The timeframe: Typically 4 months, however can be longer in some cases
  •  The options: Almost endless, so it’s a good idea to visit our showroom for inspiration as a starting point
  • The Vienna Woods Special Order system tracks your order from moment it is placed with the supplier, through to delivery to your door.  At any moment we can give you an estimated arrival date, once the order is on a container ship, the estimates become increasingly accurate.
  • Special orders are available to home owners, trade and commercial operators alike

The Vienna Woods Special Order Process:

  1.  Consult with a Vienna Woods Timber Flooring Expert regarding your project
  2.  Narrow down options 
  3. Sample Approval
  4. A deposit begins the order process
  5. Communication regarding shipping progress
  6. Product inspection and payment on arrival
  7. Enjoy your unique timber flooring

If you have enough time before your project starts, we recommend that you consider this option as it can be well worth the while sourcing a unique product, tailored especially for your living space.

 Some products that we arrange via special orders include; The Flamingo Parket Collection, Admonter Reclaimed Wall Cladding and Vienna Woods // Antique Floors


Wagon Back Herringbone Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

Vienna Woods // Reclaimed Wagon Oak Herringbone

Wagon Back Herringbone Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

Vienna Woods // Admonter // Reclaimed Hacked