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Special Imports – Tailored to your Living Space

You may have noticed on our website that our products can be searched by availability - 'In Stock' or 'By Indent'. In Stock means that the flooring is a stock item and we can usually supply at short notice, although it pays to be aware that we do occasionally sell...


Using Complementing Woods on Walls, Ceilings and Cabinetry

The use of complementing woods on walls, ceilings and cabinetry is for the individualist who appreciates the beauty intrinsic to wood. With Admonter's range of wall cladding and panels, you can easily lift your interior to an inspiring level. You may choose to use...


What Goes First – The Kitchen or the Flooring

Kitchen Or Flooring First? This is a very common question that we're asked time and again. It is actually possible to install the flooring both before or after the kitchen, depending on the intended installation method; floating or glued down. Floating Installation...