Admonter Oak Lapis – Takapuna New Build

This stunning Nordic inspired MCooper Architect designed home on Auckland’s North Shore features Admonter oak lapis engineered flooring throughout the kitchen, living, entry stairs and upper hall area.

Interior designers Yellowfox chose a sophisticated, moody theme for the interior, with dark kitchen cabinetry and black light fittings from ECC. High-end staging from Exhibit One completes the design-focused interior.

The developer and designer chose Admonter oak lapis as they wanted a premium quality floor to help realise the inspiring atmosphere they were aiming for.

This is the perfect example of how this beautiful smoked oak flooring complements a modern interior, however oak lapis works equally well in historic villas and bungalows, loft spaces, apartments, retail and offices.

Engineered Timber Flooring: Vienna Woods /// Oak Lapis