Admonter Oak Lapis in the Tent House Project

In the innovative Tent House by Strachan Group Architects, Vienna Woods’ Admonter Oak Lapis flooring stands out for its unique character. This striking project, nestled among sand-dunes near Ocean Beach in Tairua, features the distinctive smoked oak, highlighting the home’s natural integration with its surroundings.

Integration with Design

Admonter Oak Lapis is a smoked oak, which is incredibly rare in New Zealand.  It brings a sense of depth and complexity to the Tent House’s design. The smoking process, which involves enveloping the oak timber in smoke for days, results in a rich, nuanced colour palette and a subtle smokiness. This flooring choice enhances the tent-like architecture, adding an organic, layered texture to the living areas.


The utilisation of Vienna Woods’ Admonter Oak Lapis underscores the company’s dedication to unique, high-quality, and sustainable flooring. Its unusual smoked effect and deep, intricate colours resonate with the Tent House’s ecological focus, perfectly aligning with the home’s striking design and environmental ethos.

Special acknowledgement to the incredible work on this project from Strachan Group Architects, who produced an award-winning home.

Photography @ Jackie Meiring

NZIA Waikato & Bay of Plenty Architecture Award Winner – 2023 – Housing

Resene Colour Award

Smoked Oak in Dairy Flat

Vienna Woods are proud to be associated with this stunning home in Dairy Flat. With wooden floors throughout, this home seamlessly flows from one end to the other. The stunning light to mid-brown tones with impressive depth of colour perfectly completement and enhance the black features of this home.

This smoked oak floor from renowned Austrian manufacturer Admonter, allows you to tailor this flooring for your living space, by choosing the desired knot level, texture and board size. This product is refined and fortified with a natural oil finish.

Engineered Timber Flooring: Vienna Woods // Admonter // Oak Lapis

Customer Service – Second to None

Vienna Woods customer Vinka Clemmett, share’s her experience working with Vienna Woods and reasons behind why she chose to renovate her home with Admonter Oak Grey flooring. 

What was your inspiration when designing your home? 

We live in a classic villa which had original Kauri floorboards in that classic orange tone, but I was ready for a change. I knew I wanted to keep our home light and open so I was after flooring that wasn’t too dark or heavy, but that would also not pick up on every speck of dust or dirt! The Oak Grey floorboards that we ended up choosing provided this balance. I also have this beautiful tartan runner that is a main feature in my home, so I knew wanted flooring that would work nicely with that. 

What was the overall look and feel you were trying to achieve?

I wanted to create an overall look that was classy, classic and modern, yet subtle enough that it didn’t come across too flashy. It was important that the floor complemented my home, contributing to the overall look and feel. I wanted it to just meld in with the rooms in the house which the Oak Grey achieves. It is a beautiful wood that creates a comfortable and welcoming living environment. 

Why did you choose this Vienna Woods flooring? 

I had a few key things I was looking for when choosing my flooring – I wanted a wide board, nothing too dark or heavy and I needed it to be hard wearing because I have three dogs so I didn’t want it getting scratched up. I visited around ten different companies and just couldn’t find what I had envisioned until I came to Vienna Woods and found the Admonter Oak Grey. It was exactly what I had in mind. 

What made the whole experience all the more pleasant was the team who went above and beyond to assist me. Nothing was too much trouble! Damon Jackson, the Owner of Vienna Woods, personally dropped off samples several times, to make sure I was comfortable with my decision. He was honest and up front and delivered on time. The overall service was second to none. 

 Engineered Timber Flooring: Admonter /// Special Order

Admonter Oak Lapis – Takapuna New Build

This stunning Nordic inspired MCooper Architect designed home on Auckland’s North Shore features Admonter oak lapis engineered flooring throughout the kitchen, living, entry stairs and upper hall area.

Interior designers Yellowfox chose a sophisticated, moody theme for the interior, with dark kitchen cabinetry and black light fittings from ECC. High-end staging from Exhibit One completes the design-focused interior.

The developer and designer chose Admonter oak lapis as they wanted a premium quality floor to help realise the inspiring atmosphere they were aiming for.

This is the perfect example of how this beautiful smoked oak flooring complements a modern interior, however oak lapis works equally well in historic villas and bungalows, loft spaces, apartments, retail and offices.

 Engineered Timber Flooring: Vienna Woods /// Oak Lapis

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