French Oak Creates a Calming Space

The client envisioned a space that exuded warmth and sophistication, where the natural beauty of timber would harmonize with contemporary aesthetics. The Vienna Woods Chateau wide boards instantly captivated, promising to elongate the room while adding a touch of rustic charm. But aesthetics alone wouldn’t suffice; durability was paramount in a high-traffic area frequented by family and friends.

Integration with Design

Crafted with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship, Café Au Lait French Oak Flooring offered the perfect balance of style and resilience. Its rich, creamy tones served as a canvas for the room’s décor, effortlessly complementing both modern and traditional elements. As daylight danced across the wide planks, the space transformed into a sanctuary of serenity, inviting moments of connection and comfort.

Beyond its visual allure, Café Au Lait proved its mettle in everyday life. From impromptu gatherings to playful footsteps of children and pets, the flooring remained steadfast, a testament to its quality and endurance. Its smooth surface resisted wear and tear, promising years of graceful aging without compromising on beauty.

Interior Designer @Sarah Foote Design

French Oak Flooring in Vale Road

This home beautifully showcases Montauk, a French Oak engineered timber floor. Château is an exclusive range of extra wide 240mm French oak engineered floorboards, finely aged with a unique wood treatment and finished with a very natural Supermatt lacquer. The premium oak is subtly aged using a special stain that reacts with the oak tannin, providing a very beautiful and luxurious appearance.

This Saint Heliers residence highlights how the rich dark brown tones of Oak Montauk bring a sophisticated quality flooring to any interior setting. The extra wide timber planks provide a special dynamic and a generous impression of spaciousness.

A feature of this product is colour and grain variation. Choose one of our Château products if you are looking for a rustic grade of oak with medium to large knot size. Chat with one of our experienced consultants today.

Featured Timber Flooring Product: Vienna Woods // Château // Oak Montauk

Photography Virtuoso: Mark Scowan Photography

Vienna Woods Timber Expert: Damon Jackson


incredible high-stud show home in Auckland’s Parnell

This incredible high-stud show home in Auckland’s Parnell.

The drama of the space is enhanced with long and wide floor boards. The timber flooring helps to soften the environment with warmth and character.

And yes, that is an amazing @maxgimblettstudio art piece on the wall. This is a rustic grade floor in French oak, with a natural oil finish.

Flooring: Vienna Woods // Chateau Collection // Cafe Au Lait
Interior Design: @sarahfootedesign
Flooring Installer: @finessefloorsnz
Images: @markscowen_photography
Vienna Woods Consultant: @migueluribeviennawoods



Vienna Woods invites you to view this project completed for a beautiful home in Auckland utilising our Highland Grey timber from the Vienna Woods Chateau Collection. 

The home was originally constructed in the style of Brutalism, characterised by its construction that showcases the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design. 

The open spaces within the home attract a varying array of light throughout the day, so it was important to select a timber that offered a warm, natural undertone in contrast to the concrete structures surrounding it. The Vienna Woods Highland Grey timber offers exactly what this space needs, offering both a bit of drama, and at the same time, complimenting the natural light on those romantic or sleepy afternoons. 

Working closely with our clients on these projects is always a fantastic experience, and we have fallen in love with this home, just as they have. This client had a vision and knew exactly what they wanted, and were delighted to see their vision come to life. Here’s what the client had to say upon the completion of this project: 

Absolutely incredible service. Miguel is the best in the business and the whole process from beginning to end was seamless. We are beyond happy with our beautiful new floor. Thanks so much our whole home feels modern, fresh, and like brand new!”

If you would like to explore what timbers would work to suit your home, speak to one of our consultants today.

Product: Vienna Woods // Chateau Collection // Highland Grey

Architect: @davidhowelldesign
Images: @markscowen_photography

Vienna Woods Project Consultant: @migueluribeviennawoods