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Almost anything goes these days in terms of fashionable wood flooring colours; here are some of the trends we’re seeing on a consistent basis:

Light beige or light brown colours with grey under tones are popular; also mid-brown/grey, especially in smoked oak which brings a unique depth of colour to the flooring. See Imperial Oak, or Empire Oak, for example.

Smoked Oak – Admonter Oak Seta

Colours suitable for a Scandi-inspired interior are still popular; such as off-whites, cream and natural tones without too much yellow. Oak Cashmere is a good example of a neutral ‘Natural’ tone.

Nordic Inspired – Oak Cashmere

Dark and moody flooring has definitely made a strong return. An example of this is Oak Moonlight which is an oiled finish featuring dark hues and an attractive aged appearance. See also, Oak Onyx if you love extra wide boards.

Dark & Moody – Oak Moonlight

Grey tones continue to be popular, as it works exceptionally well with most other decors and provides a sophisticated foundation to your interior. Popular grey colours include Oak Karkula, Oak Constance and Admonter Oak Grey.

Sophisticated Grey – Chateau Oak Constance


There are a range of methods used to age the wood; speciality wood stains that react with the tannin to subtly age the wood are very popular. See our Chateau or Raftwood Patina ranges for examples.

Other ways of aging the wood include scraping, planing, smoking, distressing, variable band saw such as the ‘used’ texture, or sourcing reclaimed wood.

Aged ‘Reactive Stain’ oak – Patina Old Barn

Subtle Aged Effect – Planed Oak Oeral


Texture brings an interesting, natural element to the interior.

Lengthwise brushing that subtly highlights the woodgrain will always be popular, however we’re seeing more demand for unique textures such as the ‘Used’ texture, which is a subtle variable bandsaw available in Oak Prairie, Oak Marshall or Oak Whisky.

Variable Bandsaw – Oak Prairie Used Texture

The Authentic texture from Admonter is a real head turner. The wood surface mimics the organic structure of the tree itself. Authentic is available in both oak and larch.

Oak Authentic

Alternatively, reclaimed wood such as Raftwood reclaimed Dutch railway sleeper oak flooring, features a very natural and distinctive texture.

Reclaimed Dutch Railway Sleeper Oak – Raftwod Patina The Brick


Every year we see new releases from our suppliers, in more and more natural finishes. The aim is to provide oil and lacquer finishes so natural that you cannot see any visible finish.

A great example is Oak Natura from Admonter which captures a raw wood optic.

The Admonter Natura finish is available in two options, Oak Natura and Oak Smoke Natura.

Admonter Oak Natura

Another popular, extremely natural looking wood floor is American Oak Pureline from ESTA Parket. This is finished with an invisible Supermatt lacquer.

American Oak Pureline

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