Crinkle Cut House Boasts Sophisticated Smoked Oak Flooring

The Crinkle Cut House designed by Pac Studio.

The dwelling boasts a captivating facade adorned with louvered doors, offering a versatile and adaptable living experience. These doors provide the option to shield the home from the bustling street while welcoming an abundance of natural light into the interior. The house showcases the advantages of passive design principles, with a thoughtfully planned layout, effective sun shading, and the use of high-performance thermal materials. This harmonizes airflow and ventilation, creating a comfortable and sustainable connection with the natural environment.

Situated on a corner site surrounded by pōhutukawa trees, this residence epitomises the perfect summer lifestyle in a charming coastal setting within a close-knit community.



 The timber flooring was chosen to add warmth and depth to the space, so it was important that the choice exhibited character.  Vienna Woods was able to offer a unique European-made oak floor with subtle features and a sophisticated smokey nature.  

The facade features horizontal weatherboards with a batten grid that positions the windows in constant, dappled shade, embodying our intent to harness the interplay of light and shadow in our design.

The louvered elements add dynamism to the residence, affording precise control over airflow, light, views, privacy, and openness. Whether you wish to disconnect from the outside world or engage with the neighborhood’s activities, the louvers provide the flexibility to adapt to your preferences. On a warm summer day, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene, observing the comings and goings of dog walkers, swimmers, and cyclists, or you can adjust the louvers to modulate wind, sunlight, and ambient light, tailoring the environment to your liking.

One of the defining architectural features is the raking clerestory windows that encircle the house. These windows enable the residents to savor the ever-changing positions of the sun and moon in the sky, as well as the captivating interplay of light across the carefully crafted structural elements within the interior.

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Product: Vienna Woods // Flamingo Smoked Oak, oiled finish tongue and groover system

Architect: Pac Studio
Builder: Lindesay Construction
Images: Simon Devitt


A captivating project in the heart of Herne Bay, Auckland.

This architectural marvel embodies a timeless design philosophy, with every detail meticulously crafted. From the gracefully curved staircase to the soaring, ceiling-height doors, each intricate element showcases a perfect blend of understated elegance and technical prowess.

The flooring boasts the finest European oak – a beautiful variety named ‘Cashmere’. Its light tones, enhanced by a subtle stain and complemented by dark filler, add depth and character to the floor, allowing the natural beauty of European oak to shine through. The flooring harmonizes effortlessly with the soft color palette indoors, creating a haven of tranquility.

Major credit to the brilliant design by Cam at Yoke Architecture. Exceptional building craftsmanship from Karl Cotter and his team at Cotter Construction for bringing this vision to life with impeccable precision.

Featured Timber Flooring Product: Vienna Woods // Oak Cashmere
Design Maestro: Yoke Architecture
Photography Virtuoso: Thomas Seear-Budd
Construction Wizards: Cotter Construction 

Oak Cashmere is a light feature grade of European-made engineered timber flooring.  The product has a factory-applied UV matt-lacquer  from a well-known European specialist; Bona.  The oak is sourced from Eastern Europe and carries a sustainability certification.


Crafted by designer Jose Gutierrez, “Light Catcher” stands as a truly unique and transformative renovation. Its name aptly captures its essence, showcasing a mesmerising design. 

The timber flooring features a gently brushed Lithuanian hard-oak, exuding a sense of elegance. With its expansive 300mm wide planks, it not only adds a touch of theatricality but also forms a robust foundation for the space.

The timber used for this flooring is certified FSC, sourced sustainably and manufactured in Europe, adhering to the highest European standards of quality and ethics.

Timber Floor: Vienna Woods // Distilled Collection // Moscow Mule
Photographer: @samuel_hartnett

Vienna Woods Consultant:




View Jose Gutierrez work here.

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It was a privilege working on this project with the owners of this glorious property. They lived in the small original part if their home for a year before embarking on an extension and renovation. The original part of the home at the street front, had beautiful old matai floor boards which the owners wanted to restore. Vienna Woods worked with them to find a cohesive solution for combining the old, narrow floorboards with the new, wide floorboards. Instead of matching the size of the floorboard which is in keeping with the original style, they decided to bring cohesion through the colour and finish. The original floorboards were sanded back and stained to match the Distilled Oak that was laid throughout the new extension.

The Distilled Collection in Natural Finish is a wonderful design choice and option for owners who are after a particular colour or are wanting to match an existing floor or cabinetry. Our Distilled range showcases the variety of colours and finishes you can get with Vienna Woods Oak.

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Product: Vienna Woods // Distilled Collection 180mm
Images: @markscowen_photography
Vienna Woods Project Consultant:

incredible high-stud show home in Auckland’s Parnell

This incredible high-stud show home in Auckland’s Parnell.

The drama of the space is enhanced with long and wide floor boards. The timber flooring helps to soften the environment with warmth and character.

And yes, that is an amazing @maxgimblettstudio art piece on the wall. This is a rustic grade floor in French oak, with a natural oil finish.

Flooring: Vienna Woods // Chateau Collection // Cafe Au Lait
Interior Design: @sarahfootedesign
Flooring Installer: @finessefloorsnz
Images: @markscowen_photography
Vienna Woods Consultant: @migueluribeviennawoods