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finest European oak

A captivating project in the heart of Herne Bay, Auckland.

This architectural marvel embodies a timeless design philosophy, with every detail meticulously crafted. From the gracefully curved staircase to the soaring, ceiling-height doors, each intricate element showcases a perfect blend of understated elegance and technical prowess.

The flooring boasts the finest European oak – a beautiful variety named ‘Cashmere’. Its light tones, enhanced by a subtle stain and complemented by dark filler, add depth and character to the floor, allowing the natural beauty of European oak to shine through. The flooring harmonizes effortlessly with the soft color palette indoors, creating a haven of tranquility.

Major credit to the brilliant design by Cam at Yoke Architecture. Exceptional building craftsmanship from Karl Cotter and his team at Cotter Construction for bringing this vision to life with impeccable precision.

Featured Timber Flooring Product: Vienna Woods // Oak Cashmere
Design Maestro: Yoke Architecture
Photography Virtuoso: Thomas Seear-Budd
Construction Wizards: Cotter Construction 

Oak Cashmere is a light feature grade of European-made engineered timber flooring.  The product has a factory-applied UV matt-lacquer  from a well-known European specialist; Bona.  The oak is sourced from Eastern Europe and carries a sustainability certification.

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