Wood based flooring with O.R.C.A. Moisture Defence Technology

BinylPRO with O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology is a revolutionary laminate flooring with exceptional characteristics, including AC5 commercial rated durability, for the best scratch resistance possible and up to 100 hours water resistance.

With BinylPRO bathrooms and wet areas are no longer no-go areas. What’s more, BinylPRO is available for a very affordable price level, now there’s no need to pay a premium for water-resistant laminate.

O.R.C.A. is doubly good.

It unites the best qualities of biologically based floors and conventional waterproof floor coverings. In O.R.C.A., organic* materials are made resistant to liquids by mean of a special technology.

O.R.C.A. is carbon neutral because the process of transforming a tree into BinylPRO emits less CO2 than the tree itself has stored

Water-resistant up to 100 hours

Suitable for bathrooms

O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology

Organic Rigid Coreboard Anti-static

Pet Friendly

Light Resistant

Made in Germany

A.B.C Anti-bacterial coating

Carbon neutral

PVC free

Highest indoor air quality certification: A+

30-year warranty

Wear Class: AC5 for medium commercial use

Profile: 1clic 2go pure

Edge Type: 4 side v-groove

Width: 192mm

Length: 1285mm 

Thickness: 8mm

Installation: Floating


Warranty: 30 years residential

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